Northside Cherokee Hospital - Misleading staff doesn't know or care and falsifies records

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I was referred to this hospital by a local doctor for a small out patient procedure that went fine. I spoke to a lady who was in charge of financials and we went over my insurance and balance. I was assured by her at that time, with my insurance info in front of her, that I would not be charged for a follow up visit and that my co-pay was the only amount due for the total treatment. So, assured by her, I went in for the follow up visit. Because they were so busy, one of the nurses saw me in the family consultation room, not a true triage room. I thought it was weird but it was fine since i was just having a checkup to make sure i was healing well. When she was done treating me, the lady just walked out the door and left it to slowly close on it's own while everyone in the lobby got a good look at my bare rear end...... That was embarrassing but oh well...I got over it.

Two months later I got a bill for more charges for the first visit and another charge for the second. The pitiful service is one thing, but to charge me again for it... I feel like I'd been lied to. I called several people and told the customer relations person my story. She checked into it but the records from the hospital staff who treated me say that I was seen promptly in a triage room. The truth is I was seen almost 4 hours after my appointment in a waiting room then exposed to 10-15 people in the lobby. Since the records show I was seen properly though, I got an apology and a request for the money....

The financial lady mislead me, the nurse exposed me, and the records were not written up correctly. Now it's my word vs. theirs. I DON'T TRUST THAT THIS HOSPITAL IS RUN EFFICIENTLY OR ETHICALLY!!

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